About Us

Caracalla Design and Renovation is the Trading name for Occhiuto Enterprises Pty Ltd.

Pasquale Occhiuto

Occhiuto Enterprises was established by Pasqaule Occhiuto in 1958 primarly dealing in the supply and installation of wall and floor tiles and has been running as a family business ever since.

Pasquale was born in Italy in 1933 and as a young man learnt and refined his art as a stone mason/tiler from many of the original mistros throughout Europe and South America.

Pasquale immigrated and settled in Australia in 1962 and has been working in the construction industry ever since.

Because of Pasquale’s extensive knowledge in all aspects of building and masonry it wasn’t long before the humble wall and floor tiling business expanded into all areas of construction.

However in 1990 with his son Phillip they decided that the skills and type of work that they were passionate about would best suit a specialist bathroom renovation service.

Through out his time in Australia Pasquale has been responsible for teaching many people the finer skills required in working with Mosaics Natural stones, Marbles and Granites. One of those people was his son Phillip who now runs and manages Caracalla design and renovation.

Although Pasquale retired from work in 2002 at the age of 68 he can still be seen on the job today giving a helping hand or just some advice.

Phillip Occhiuto

Phillip worked along side his father for many years doing his trade as a wall and floor tiler and Builder Renovator. But Phillip also had strong interests in other aspects of the business studying Design and Business management at University.

This has gone a long way into shaping and growing the business into what it is today because the perfect bathroom renovation company needs more than just superior trades people, that only gets you half way. You need good designers and communicators to ensure the customer expectations and visions are realised. Good managers and sales people that can beget for quality but still put together a cost effective and completive price. Competent supervisors to run the renovations efficiently, quickly and with no fuss.

Today Caracalla Bathrooms is the perfect fusion of all these things; a Company established from old school principals and techniques constantly combining an even flow the latest technologies and skills in all areas of the business to be the best in the business.

History behind the Name Caracalla.

Caracalla was the nickname of one of Rome’s Emperors – Marcus Aurelius Antoninus – who ruled Rome in 211.

During his time as Emperor Caracalla was responsible for the commissioning of the first roman baths which where the first bathrooms known in history, the birth of the bathroom.

These baths were enormous buildings with huge frescoed vaults covering the large rooms with complex water distribution systems that ensured a constant flow of water from the Roman aqueducts.

Below the main buildings were two levels, the upper one was used for services and heating the water, the lower one was used for water drainage.

The baths of Caracalla were known for their rich interior, which featured marble seats; mosaic covered walls and floors as well as fountains and statues.

Their remains still stand today.

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